Sunday morning after a late night out. Felt rested after a mere five and a half hours of sleep.

While the sun was shining and I was sipping on my morning tea, I realised that I had a fridge full of vegetables and a shortish week ahead due to upcoming travel.  A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do, so I just pulled up the sleeves of my tank top and cleaned and reorganised the fridge.


This was the first step to the cooking pandemonium that followed: steamed Brussels sprouts and carrots, stir-fried vegetables, roasted crispy Chinese cabbage, an oven-baked pumpkin and zucchini & fennel soup all lined up in  pots, plates and pans.



After several turns of chopping, washing and drying dishes, everything looked pretty organised and my lunches and dinners catered for. Nothing to waste and nothing to regret. A successful exercise of domestic efficiency and a quite appropriate prelude to The Lunchbox that I watched in the afternoon on the big screen of the city’s smallest movie theatre.

The film left me with that great after-taste of good cinema. Inspired and content I rounded up the day with dinner, a foot bath and candle-light.footbath

It’s already getting late and despite my energy levels being on the high side, I am planning on soon diving under my duvet with a book that -at last!- seems really promising.



  1. aninsightfulnut said:

    come back to bangalore and cook please

  2. I would love to…..
    Cook on Sunday and leave instructions on every container for the days ahead.
    By the way, try the squash and fennel soup, I think you will really like it:
    But refrain from adding apple 🙂
    Ah, don’t forget to stock up on that calcium!

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