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Α five o’clock sky. Birds chirping in the dewy silence. A summer-time restlessness  settling in  the system. I never have qualms about going to bed early if my body is ready to call it a day.


However, as days expand, my interest in sleep declines. I go to bed with the feeling of ticking off an item from a list.  I wake up early and despite the itchy feeling in my eyes, I get up, check the time and take in the view. I open the window for a breath of fresh air…Breakfast

I marvel at the transition from the gloomy darkness of the long winter evenings to the glorious resurrection of life. This season, which looks soft on the outside, but is tough on the inside, demands to be lived to the fullest.

No room for discounts and discussions. Light is back.




March has been sugar coated.

An impending deadline was what it took to make the social agenda fill up and swell with all kinds of delightful commitments. Travels, reunions, home dinners, lunches, workshops and classes… I have levitated on clouds of good energy. I have been marinated in positive attention and consideration. I feel all tender.

This is a transition like many in the past few years, but it does feel somewhat different. I am moving and moving on. I have a white canvas in front of me and of course, I do not know how things will turn out. I am still pondering, still on the lookout, still landing.

I am here now, but as I heard someone saying on TV today, life is border-less. You may draw lines on a map, but kindred spirits know no limits. I do wish I could fold the corners of the world to the middle and have all my friends at the same place, at least for some time, though. The new friends and the old friends. The people who are rarely named here, but who are so often present between the lines and behind the pictures.


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