The good thing about ‘living out of a suitcase’ is that a suitcase has limited capacity. Right now, my few clothes take up minimal space in a couple of drawers and a rack.

I more and more appreciate rational clothing choices; making sure to invest in things that match and that are of good quality.

I very rarely shop nowadays, but when I do I think a bit extra of colours and  possible combinations. I shun black whenever I can in favour of dark blue. Black feels so dusty and dark. I like the freshness of the blues and the greys and light them up with sparks of colour. Here is where my scarves come particularly handy.  I almost exclusively go for natural materials, unless there is no other choice (see swimsuit).

My sister has introduced me to thrift stores. I like the mix of styles and knowing that I am adding to the value chain rather than to my carbon footprint. Otherwise, if I need something new, I prefer ordering online. Opening a parcel is one of those joys of life.


Style-wise, I cannot get over my fascination with Robin Hood. I would gladly wear different variations of tights and tunics practically all the time. It is no coincidence that a friend of mine used to call me the hero in tights.


If I can resist other types of clothes, I have a weakness for sports apparel.  If I could, I would go berserk with tops, tights and hoodies in beautiful colours and patterns. After all, they go so well with my favourite type of shoes – sneakers and  flip-flops. I do love it when functionality meets beauty.

And this blog is always a source of inspiration on sustainable choices.  Recommended for conscious consumers.

  1. I’m so desperately trying to downsize my wardrobe; had no idea it would be so hard. Good on you for managing 🙂

    • I have more of them, let not this fool you. I have given lots of stuff away and this is the batch I’ve taken with me for this winter. Might need to add some pieces though. I think I have managed to somewhat downsize my wardrobe though. I am trying to apply the principle one in, one out. That works quite well. Good luck!

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    Read this inspirational blog on clothes and how you can manage with less. Looks like it’s possible!

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