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Into the tramway came a little singing girl on a stroller pushed by her mother who got a seat next to me.

Twinkle, twinkle little star echoed in the wagon full of sullen people on their way home from work.

The little girl, Mariam, looked up on an ad posted above her head; I can see a hand mom, she said, a thumbs up!

Her mother laughed. Isn’t it strange she asked, a hand hovering just like that in the air, does it exist? Mariam giggled.

We had to get off the tram and change to a bus. Again we stood next to each other, I and the mother, a young woman with a black braid tucked under a dark red cap.

She’s in a good mood, I commented. Oh yes, the mother answered, children are just amazing. We need that kind of energy I said, and the hope…With all the wars going on around us, replied the mother, we definitively do! We are lucky to live here and to be able to offer everything we can to our children, she added.

We got off at the same stop. We greeted each other and walked off to different directions.

People can be cruel and corrupt. But sometimes life beams at you with an unspoilt smile, like that of a little singing girl.

There is no space in this world for the tug of blown up egos; the world belongs to Mariam and it’s time she got it back.


I bought orange-yellow tulips in Amsterdam this weekend in the memory of a very dear person who left this world a year ago.


Petals in the  colours of the last bouquet of flowers. A new tradition and a symbol of precocious spring.



Thanks to a friend, last weekend became a getaway to the nearby and vibrant Antwerp. I had visited this city on several occasions in the past, but without developing any particular affection for it. This time was different:  a mini exploratory  city-trip  with the mission of trying out suggested addresses and accidental discoveries. Results documented…

@The Coco-Mat Residence on De Keyserlei 11. A Coco-Mat store at the ground floor. An apartment hotel with eco-friendly furnishing in the same building. Two bedrooms equipped with sturdy Coco-Mat mattresses. Comfortable, spacious and just two minutes away from the Central Station on foot.


@ La Tartine on Minderbroedersrui 60 for late lunch; if you fancy bread, this is definitively an alright place with nice atmosphere; the soup of the day was not a bad choice either.





The Schelde for semi-industrial views and romance in the air. The small streets of the historical centre for architectural eye-candy and calm charm.


@ The beautiful Bourla Theater at the Komedieplaats for coffee, lounging and ceiling spotting.


@ Vitrin Cafe on the hot Marnixplatz in Het Zuid for an aperitif. Definitively not the only option though: once on the square you have a 360 degree angle of choice.

cafe vitrine

@Caramba on  Kaasrui 8 for Mexican food. Not overly impressed by the Tex-Mex as such, but definitively enjoyed the appealing interior, despite our drafty window seat. Caramba

Another big advantage was the cocktail bar Dogma on Wijngaardstraat 5, practically just across the street, despite the name-change. I had a great time not drinking but watching the barmen, in 30’s style clothing, making elegant cocktail after elegant cocktail. Meditative.


@La Popote for late breakfast: heartfelt food, French chansons and a joyful mélange of vintage paraphernalia. We must have spent at least a couple of hours in this small bistrot  tucked away behind the Central Station on the Kievitplein and Van Immerseelstraat 7.

La Popote





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