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On Saturday morning I woke up to the sun shining through the shades.

I turned around on the sofa and tried to fall back asleep. I finally decided to get up and check the time. 06:10 am. I wondered if she would soon wake up when I heard her chirping: tatata, nanana, bababa. She was sitting up hugging her little inanimate friend. She looked up at me with a smile and continued chatting.


Eventually I lifted her out of bed, gave her a little something to drink and took her to the bathroom. Only a baby can look so content sitting on a toilette seat doing number two in company, feet dangling and all. Blessed age…


Then we spent some time on the sofa reading books and singing songs. I let her roam around on the floor and play with a plastic colander. I practiced some yoga and she looked at me with amusement. As I was raising my arms up in the triangle pose she would point up with a tiny index finger and say “ba“.

After breakfast and a coffee at the station, it was time for us to part. She had a party to attend in the company of her parents and I was going on a little outing. So we kissed goodbye and jumped on different trains going in opposite directions.


I think we both had a nice break from our routines: taking a stroll in the temperamental spring weather, eating out, spending time with familiar people in different settings.


Getting sidetracked is not necessarily a bad thing we concluded.



Good days usually start off right and Sunday was just such a day…An early morning with porridge in a warm and sunlit kitchen, followed by a spontaneous walk to the allotment.

Some watering and digging took place before I changed from rubber boots back to sneakers to continue my stroll where I had left off. Short but magical all the same…tulips_08052016water_flow_08052016

blossoms_08052016Back home I jumped into my striped apron to make veggie burgers with onion rings and whip some vegan cream to go with my equally vegan carrot-cake. Lunch was a total success, not so much because of the food, as because of the company. I had a 10 month-old baby sitting opposite me, smiling and showing off six perfect little teeth.

The adults decided to pack a basket with coffee and cake and enjoy dessert outside. The little person on my lap was clearly appreciative of my gluten and sugarfree confection.

carrotcake_in_the_openMy Japanese hat, Egyptian scarf, sunglasses bought in Brussels and a layer of SPF 50 shielded me against the sun as we were walking back with spirits and bellies content.

A day to remember for its simple perfection.



Chilling can be so much more than sinking into a couch. It is rather a question of pace and attitude and these past evenings have offered a good dose of recreational tempo and relaxation. For instance, I have had good friends coming over for dinner and relegated the dishes to manana.

I have been on leisurely walks and let my eyes rest on carpets of white spring flowers.



I have passed by our allotment and taken detours in the beautiful surroundings.


afternoon_walkI have worked out at whimsical times and had late dinners, not thinking of the clock. Knowing that I will most probably wake up at 04.30 am anyway, why would I?

I think that for the first time ever I went to see the Valborg pyre. I don’t care so much about the origin of the tradition – watching the flames consume the fuel against the backdrop of the bright spring evening was all I needed to know. It was such a relaxing and soothing sight that left me with feelings of respect and awe.




I couldn’t help thinking of all the people that have, through time, gathered around campfires to keep warm and safe. In 2016, on 30 April, in a green spot of a Swedish town, kids were running around with marshmallows on twigs. People were orbiting around the huge pile of wood, feeding the flaming patches. I took some pictures with my phone, stepping back once in a while to avoid the rain of ashes. Eventually I walked back home with a sense of completion and with hair smelling of thick smoke.


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