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After several years of frequent traveling I can only conclude that my travel stress has not disappeared; on the contrary, I think it has increased. It is a transition-related anxiety that bubbles up despite my love of change. It mainly consists of fretting over the things to do before taking off.

Rounding up, packing, tidying up. I hate to leave a mess behind. Once everything is in order and I have closed the door behind me, my mind automatically switches to travel mode and I can genuinely enjoy the process. This weekend was special and much anticipated, as I was to reunite with a very close friend after almost three years…

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We talked and talked. We strolled around the streets of Malasana and Lavapies. We had coffee in the sun. We made onigiris and talked some more.

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We ate patatas bravas, went to a barbecue and looked for dates in at least ten grocery stores. We finally found some and used them when baking a birthday cake. We walked by the Manzanares river and in the Casa del Campo. We watched a movie and had late afternoon siestas…
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Travel stress may be here to stay, but it is compensated manifold.


This past weekend I topped up my well-being credits.

Saturday started with an orthodontist appointment and a morning tea with a friend; it continued with a cooking class, a long afternoon coffee with a friend, a dinner with another friend and later on a party. Sunday was kicked off with morning lounging short but sweet followed by yoga, garnished with new acquaintances and rounded up with late Indian dinner with friends; by the time the paneer and red bean stew were on the table, relaxation was hovering in the air and time did not matter anymore.

The positive vibrations spilled over into the new week. On Monday I kept the momentum by visiting a close friend to celebrate her birthday; I must have been quite tired by the time I was dropped off in front of my apartment because I managed to mysteriously loose my purse somewhere in between the car and the front door.

I was not defeated however; On Wednesday evening after work, I gave my feet some tender love and care and then walked with light steps to meet up with nice colleagues for Korean dinner. Tonight I am cooking for my guests – two couples and a dog. The dog will most probably not care to try my culinary skills and will hopefully make itself comfortable somewhere on my living room floor. I will for myself make sure to lay back and enjoy the process with the minimum amount of stress. Rather than aiming at being the perfect hostess, I will aim at having fun. Life is too short not to take the necessary shortcuts…


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