Monthly Archives: April 2016

April weather is as trustworthy and rational as Donald Trump. Right now the sun is shining, warm and bright, but who knows what may be up next?


Crocuses, blue and white anemones have decked lawns and forest paths.


We have done some spring cleaning in our old allotment and shifted to a new spot. Boots were necessary as the soil was beyond muddy. But the corn-flakes in their tin box are as crisp as ever…


My pile of books to read has grown by two…I have started reading “The Architect’s Apprentice” by Elif Shafak. Maybe you know her novel, “The Bastard of Istanbul”?


My yoga props are makeshift as usual, and I am telling myself that this is just another way of staying innovative.

This weekend I bought myself a second hand sweatshirt with bling. Unnecessary flair on a sporty piece of cloth you may think, but I just see it as added value for the 45 SEK I paid.

That’s all folks. No news are good news as they say.


This is the kind of celebrities my paparazzo lense captures on my way into town. image
I am sure they thought I wouldn’t spot them. Ha!


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Clockwise, otherwise & likewise

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