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My third time at the same spot on the map, tiny coastal Sfakia and second time as a karma yogi, combining morning and afternoon sessions of asanas under the olive trees with housekeeping chores, socialising and swiming.undertheolivetreesI walk up and down the same steep stairs and water the same plants. I am putting out food for the same mother cat and her three new kittens;  I am sweeping the fallen purple leaves of the same bougainvillea and loading dirty dishes into the same dishwasher…

theatraki loutroThe tasks and the lanscape are well known, but the human fauna changes, although not entirely. Apart from the local staff of the cafes and restaurants, some familiar faces have surfaced among the retreat guests… A series of funny  coincidences confirmed that the world is indeed small. Yoga on Crete is a global village in its own right, hosted in a rocky locality of two hundred souls and many more goats.

After gradually unfolding to reach its full potential, this journey is winding back to where it begun. I had a wonderful time at this quaint little place that occupies a special place in my heart. Grateful for what has been, but also for what is to come, I am now ready for the transition to rusty leaves, darker evenings and cooler weather.


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