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The sun is up when it’s not supposed to. I can’t argue with it. It’s there, at every step I take.

akerstenhagenskuggaI’m letting myself be engulfed by its tender, heart-warming beams. I’m turning my face to it like a flower in bloom.

klangrosorthaimatWhen we sit down for a dinner outside, it watches over us like a guardian angel that will not let go.It follows us on our walk back home, like a faithful chaperon.sunsetcyklistThen somewhere along  the way it disappears, enveloped in a mantle made of  golden syrup and the sweet promise of tomorrow.

If a disc-jockey is a DJ and a video-jockey a VJ, then what do you call a person who mixes using a mixer? An MJ?

blendedberriesIn any case, I’ve been rocking the blender lately, relishing in cool and icy blends, occasionally listening to 70’s disco – I didn’t say I am a puristfrozenbreakfastBUT, when it comes to my morning cup of tea, I like it frothy, strong and steaming HOT!


A mother & daughters mini weekend road-trip. Reconnecting with places very familiar, yet, at the same time, unexplored. Things have changed, people have left us, but we want to stay attached to this beautiful part of the world called Hälsingland.

I swam in the same waters where my grandfather used to enjoy summer in a different century already. I did not know that Vallvik was such a beautiful spot.

vallvikblomvallvikWe walked around the streets of small town Söderhamn, noticing the traces of a more glorious past blending in with its present. soderhamnenviewofsoderhamnWe loved the Central Hotel dating back to 1878, despite its not very telling facade. A fairly random choice that added value to the whole experience….

hotelochbarWe queued for dinner by the sea at restaurant Albertina and enjoyed the charm of coastal Skärså. 

farstubrobryggaskarsaThe meal was anticipated with some rye crispbread to the great joy of one of us…knackebrodhelsingeostkaka…and rounded up with slices of ‘Hälsinge ostkaka’ hidden under a layer of warm cloudberry sauce.

 Oh, we want to visit again soon for more of everything!


Sunny days of July. Who knows how long they’ll last…

I am working on my paper, struggling a bit with writer’s drought in a tiny hot apartment.

In between typing, reading and domestic chores, I  am out in the lush open, pushing my physical limits to refuel my body with oxygen.
img_4394Sometimes I wonder…What’s all this effort to improve ourselves, if we all anyway just die in the end?

All these mortals in sweatpants, seizing the summer day, wearing down their running shoes, going for power walks, you name it. They can’t be out there just to become something. They must have found something in the present moment that makes them tick.

I know I want to  feel that I already am what I want to become. I want to enjoy the whole process, not only as a seasonal reaction to sunlight, but as a waking up of my inbuilt mechanism of  joy. I want something that feels permanent. Something that can last forever  -for us much ever as I have.

Other than gasping for breath now and then when biking uphill, days have been calm and rather uneventful.

berry I have been following the universal advise of training followed by rest. Long kilometers in the sun  followed by time spent  inside, making raspberry smoothies and eating loads of watermelon.berrysharingSo this is where I am right now. Having woken up way too early. Sitting on the couch as I am typing, making myself ready for some time off: a “staycation”. It’s all about intervals and variation. 
heyyouI have been thinking of how to lay out my free days. I will start with a stretch of a few days, maybe a week, where I just take the time to do things I like. Whatever that is.

Most importantly, I want to get some good sleep and very slowly enjoy my  morning cup(s) of tea. The rest shall follow.

The day has only just begun. I will  jump into the shower, put on a little skirt and a top, have breakfast, take my light bag and get away on a mini weekend road- trip.

Vacation here I come.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods, added to others, and available as a dietary supplement.

The body makes vitamin D when skin is directly exposed to the sun, and most people meet at least some of their vitamin D needs this way.

mainstreetSkirts and shorts are unearthed. Sandals and flip-flops feel like a balsam for the toes, finally free to wiggle!


dotsTerraces, benches, parks and beaches are suddenly full of people meeting their needs.gamlis_beachHowever, despite the importance of the sun to vitamin D synthesis, it is prudent to limit exposure of skin to sunlight in order to lower the risk for skin cancer.

Sunscreen, hats, scarfs and the like are our faithful companions, but there is nothing like a mellow shade! Still, no wonder burkas are ruled out by natural selection…

dolphinsVitamin D is oil soluble, which means you need to eat fat to absorb it. It is naturally found mainly in fish oils, fatty fish, and to a lesser extent in beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, and certain mushrooms.

We’re stocking up on some fat – that’s a good start, right? Pariswaffle Ample opportunities exist to form vitamin D (and store it in the liver and fat) from exposure to sunlight during the spring, summer, and fall months even in the far north latitudes.

Work in progress….


When the weather permits, eating outside is a bliss. Having beautiful landscapes just around the corner, is a fast-track to recreation…

spireaIn the early afternoon we walked through an interplay of shade and direct sunlight. On forest paths and asphalt.

motkungbjornshogAt the borderline of  fields and evergreens we found a spot for our repast next to pastures new.

klippaThe most summery of tastes were spread out on our sloping blankets while giant ants were attacking our bare feet…

gottaWith full bellies  we started walking back against a backdrop of floral patterns…

angsblommor…still in fashion this summer.


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