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Frustrations of the novice urban gardener: reckless weeds, snails that feast on precious greens, seeds refusing to sprout; to the former I should add the hours spent on weeding in stark contrast to the saddening sight of barren beds.

Hope spires when I see my shallow sea of summer flowers and the blackcurrants that ripen of their own accord, asking for nothing in return.

BlossomsOther sources of joy are the bonus wild strawberries, the lemon grass, thyme and different kinds of sage that I’ve planted; the suede that is growing leaves and hopefully also big and juicy roots.GreenPeaPlantLast, but not least: my budding green pea which is showing me the magic of pure plant willpower!



Like any serious business, harvesting the fruit of the forest involves:

  • Identifying and exploiting opportunities;
  • Assessing the maturity of the market;
  • Adopting global approaches, or opting for niche strategies;
  • Getting your hands dirty;
  • Optimising search techniques and choosing the right battles;
  • Knowing your field and adapting to changing environments…

Also, gathered hair is a classic for a reason.

Status quo: the Greek government has submitted a new bailout plan. I am afraid that despite the recent referendum and more than five years of speculations and devastating austerity, it will just be same-same, but different. What can I say, politics…

balkongutsiktIt has been raining and raining this week, so anything I’ve said about summer bitter-sweetness I take back. Yesterday, I exploited a window of opportunity and took a bike ride to the flower market and picked some plants for the balcony.balkongväxter1

Lavender and marigold.balkongväxter2Illuminating the grayness as I write.


Finally summer is here; as the heat takes over, life is conjugated in the present tense and I experience joy tinged with melancholy; somehow the sun almighty, pinned to the same position on the sky for hours and hours, reminds me of the unbearable lightness of being – such is my psyche, what can I do?

I love July, though. This crazy, temperamental summer child that wants it all, now. Even when the rain comes, you just know your at the very heart of the season, and it’s beating fast. sunscreenSo, I have unearthed some summer skirts, bought myself a cheap pair of flowery shoes and found my Japanese style hat. I apply sun cream on my pale face from a tube that was bought on a hot day in Chennai, last March: along with the sunblock come beautiful sticky memories of a lovely weekend of self-indulgence.floweryshoesshadows veteThe landscape is turning voluptuously green including the unsolicited plants that are rampantly taking over my vegetable beds, calling for immediate weeding.mangoAlso very importantly, the season of frozen fruit has officially opened. Melons, mangoes, bananas and berries are placed in solitary confinement in the freezer, before they come out deliciously iced. All in all, the pieces of the summer puzzle are coming together. The only element  missing now is water – indeed, every cell of my body is longing to plunge into the sea, but a pristine lake will also do. 




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