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Few things capture the mood of the end of the year holidays as well as reading books. Actually, few things are  more topical than reading books. I wish that the world could go on a mini sabbatical to relish in reading books and the reconvene.

This is one of my latest reads, The wasted vigil by Nadeem Aslam.


This novel is situated in the country side of Afghanistan and the protagonists are a former CIA agent, an old British doctor, a Russian woman, a young Afghani female teacher, and her fundamentalist compatriot. Criminals at the scene of a crime. Their personal stories are woven together against the background of a ravaged country. Nadeem Aslam not only creates an interesting plot – he also provides a wealth of historical, geopolitical and cultural information and facts that are of great relevance in our days.


The next book is already on the table, and I am picking up threads. The more I read, the more I want to read, because one thing leads to another and the world is just so magnificently complex. I end up looking things up on the net, taking notes and learning some fascinating things. Highly recommended.


An aunt-made Christmas sock that made it to Hyperborea all the way from the fatherland on Christmas Eve.


A lit up Cathedral at 07.00 am on Christmas day.




The alotment  sun-basking on boxing day…


An ad hoc coffee date at Wayne’s with a striped baby and her entourage.


A batch of Greek kiwis for 1 SEK a piece, just because they remind me of the landscape of Pieria.


And an attempt to home-grow cones…

A beautiful dark morning. At about eight o’clock I am out, watching the break of dawn painting the sky in magic colours as I walk into town for some hours of volunteering. We are a small ad hoc team that manages to speed-bond and work like a clockwork – the Christmas luncheon runs smoothly, guests are happy and dishes are taken care of swiftly.


kyrkogårdrackarbergetfyrisån1fyrisån2grönochgrannIf anything, Christmas is about time well spent; when I get on the bus to join the family, I feel perfectly content.

upplystfönstergodisbrickaIt is a disturbingly warm December with temperatures today not differing much to those of last Midsummer. No snow in sight, but that light fluffy feeling of snowflakes is settling in the spirit.


The end of the year holidays go so well with books. Dark afternoons call for diving into the world of words and getting into the spirit of closure. Despite the lukewarm winds and untypical December weather, I am really looking forward to cutting down on screen time in favor of more time spent on the leisurly turning of pages and offline browsing.


Libraries are such amazing places if you think of it…On my last visit, I discovered the basement floor, where less popular or older publications are stored to avoid serious book jams in the main hall. So in my latest to read-stack, I’ve got some tales from the crypt. Instead of staying in a dark basement for Christmas, they will be spending it with me.

What are you reading?

What I have always liked about winter is how light comes from within; you have to look for it and re-create it. In the summer on the other hand, it comes after you. Pleasant and joyful, but also invasive and attention-seeking like a demanding child. sunrise_2transparentpineIn the winter, tables are turned. Precious and playful, light can be found in the most unexpected of places….You just have to look for it.lightonwall2lightondoor

treelight2I find sunshine combined with cool weather very apeasing; there is a special quality to it. It asks for very little, yet gives a lot. The unassuming boldness of the season is probably what resonates so well with my psyche.  Winter, you’ve got a friend.

This is admittedly the darkest time of the year. November has been grey, but the first days of December came with a promise of cooler weather, clearer skies and flakes of snow…

adventsstjärnaThe sun rises late and sets early –  some time after three o’clock. There is something particularly soothing about this envelope of darkness. Of course, I make sure to spend a good amount of time outdoors daily, while it’s still “day”.
pyssel bullar

sunshine_in_snowI am a witness to so much beauty, totally free of charge,  that I can not help but wonder why there is not more peace and contentment, at least in this part of the world. There is so much to be in awe about, don’t you think?



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