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Buying second-hand is definitively wise price-wise. And it can be lots of fun too. I particularly like buying household items and paraphernalia as I am not too much of a cloth-shopping enthusiast. Being overwhelmed by rack after rack of apparel is not my thing. Too many impressions, too little patience.

So no shopping therapy sessions for me, but this occasional dropping by at a second-hand store to see if, maybe, perhaps there would be such and such a thing that I have convinced myself that I need, is quite entertaining, I must admit.  No dress, no stress.

lampaItems in (almost) perfect condition can be purchased for peanuts. Like the lamp I bought for two euros and then realised that the light-bulb would cost me three times as much…An identical twin of my new old flowery pillow, was spotted on a shelf  at a price ten times as high.

blommigkuddeYes, there is indeed a certain gratification to re-using stuff and it is not only price-related. These things that have been sold and owned at least once already, re-enter the game. A new loop, a new cycle.

Back on the market babes, waiting to be discovered anew.  Isn’t that a cool idea?



From the Greek word σιγή (seeyee) –  silence.

Underneath a woollen blanket.

Shutting down, shutting off, shutting up.

For as long as it lasts…


Assignments and deadlines. Two long days spent in solitary confinement trying to finish a paper.

Despite the thinking and the preparing, deadlines always catch up. Sneaky things.

A compressed mind, an aching back and protesting buttocks. Changing positions on the chair. Trying a different chair. Typing sitting up on the bed, hating having to spend hours hitting small keys. Gently, but still…

Alternating between tea, cocoa, caffeine free coffee, just as if hot drinks were a remedy for declining motivation.

It is funny how it is always the same. The most mundane things become attractive. Sweeping the floor. Peeling potatoes. Whatever can take your mind off the thing you need to finish. And then, somehow, you do finish it. You become the master of your torturer. For some fleeing moments, time becomes your humble servant and you’ve got a pocket full of kryptonite.

scarletCleaning up the studying-mess is a favourite ritual. Tidying stacks of books and notes, throwing out obsolete post-its, collecting scattered pens…

After the mind-wrenching exercise of the past few days my whole being shouted for some recreation.

Breakfast out, a long walk and a climb up to a panoramic spot for a beautiful early sunset.



Simply a much better day.


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