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I am a new commuter with already set habits. Habits and routines are made to create structure but also to be broken, right?

It’s true that at the end of my working day I want to go home. Therefore, going to a yoga class after work and catching a late train back has been something of a project and a mental process.

I think that I am on the verge of creating a new sporadic routine though: leaving a bit later from the office and having a cup of tea at a coffee shop next to the studio. After the yoga class, a brisk walk to the station to catch the 19.45 train.

There is something particularly cosy about taking my evening meal in the calm wagon looking into the falling darkness. I am making a meaningful exception that confirms and challenges the rule. Until it’s time to shake things up again.


A weekend. Two hours of train-ride and a new place to discover.

svartan_orebro_rsz_sep_2016 orebro_rsz_sep_2016
Train-trips and small getaways to new or known places is on my agenda this winter/fall.
The first destination was Örebro – a vibrant one-hundred thousand people town. It really felt much bigger than I had expected. Interesting architecture, a big centre with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants.
way-to-wadkoping_2_rsz_sep_2016 way-to-wadkoping_1_rsz_sep_2016
We had  a really nice dinner on Friday night and walked around in the rain with a borrowed umbrella.
I started Saturday with a jog, followed by hotel breakfast, shopping and a guided tour of the Örebro castle.

In the early afternoon we walked along the river to Wadköping, an outdoor museum area representing five hundred years of urban history.
way-to-wadkoping_3_rsz_sep_2016 wadkoping_orebro_rsz_sep_2016 wadkoping_2_orebro_rsz_sep_2016
The visit was short but sweet with beautiful weather, company and sceneries. Not to mention the nice dinners, drinks and lunch at Kungsgatan 1, Chandani, Paolo’s, The Bishop’s Arms and Vasa konditoriet.
I am already looking forward to the next trip…


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