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This november 2017, I got a slot of one week in between jobs. Acting on a calculated impulse, I booked a trip to NYC. The Big Apple is a traveling destination that has slowly been growing on me – it has never been on top of my bucket list of places to see. Through some kind of mysterious background mental process, however, this apple had ripened and was ready to be harvested. I had a chat with a friend who was supposed to visit me in Sweden and we decided quite spontaneously to relocate our reunion to a different continent altogether.

Midtown Manhattan

It proved to be a really good choice for many reasons. Seeing my friend who also happens to be one of my favourite traveling companions on the one hand, and melting into the bee-hive called New York City are just two of them.


I think I am a city-tripper at heart. I have made the very conscious choice of living in a small town as the hustle of crowded places, trafic jams and loud noise is not my daily cup of tea. But unleash me in a place like NYC for some days and I feel happy and free as a bird. Because there are so many things to see. And so many things to do. It is like food for my brain that relishes on new impressions. It makes my inside jump for joy. At the same time, I get a sense of inner peace.

Central Park

The Highline

I don’t know how many hours I spent looking up information and planning the trip, but they were many. My friend had made her homework too. We merged our plans, adapted them to life as it happens, put on our walking shoes, bought metro cards and set out to scratch on the surface of this huge kinder egg. On the very first night, after meeting up in our shoe-box sized YMCA room we went for dinner to Astoria.

Oh my, I do love the woods, creeks and parks of my neighbourhood, but the manmade urban landscape of the city that never sleeps does also have its soothing qualities. Sparkling skylines and soaring buildings make your neck muscles extend to the infinite. My brain neurons – aka electrically excitable cells – found a lot of power to tap into.


Liberty island

There is a lot to be said about the post traveling syndrome….If overseas traveling fails to give you a jetlag in the proper sense, it nevertheless affects your body, mind and feelings at all kinds of different, subtle levels. Emotional jetlag is a traveler’s reality and not at all a fictitious condition….

Brooklyn bridge

What is the state of affairs after returning from my first ever trip to the US? Well, I lost one night’s sleep on my flight back, broke a personal record by sleeping for 9 hours straight the night after, started a new job and went away for a long yoga-related weekend to Gothenburg.

As I am writing this I am back to normal, timid snowflakes are softly making their way to the ground and my heart feels light and full of thanks.


October has been a quite active month with a lot of rain and windows of crisp autumnal weather of the perfect type. Cool air, blue sky and a palette of rusty colour splashes all around.

I think of autumn as a really spiritual and soulful season. It instills a special kind of calmness and introspection.

I have harvested the pumpkins from my pumpkin patch and let them ripen on my kitchen floor.

A happy family of five of different size. I am quite surprised – I really can’t tell what kind of pumpkin this is.

I kept the seeds from two kinds of pumpkins I bought at the supermarket. A butternut squash and a Hokkaido pumpkin. The first one is curvy and the second one round. One had small seeds and the other big ones.


I planted both kinds, but only one of them grew and gave plants. I was convinced it was butternut squashes, but I think these must be Hokkaido pumpkins. In any case, I just love them and I want more of them next year.

I renewed my balcony flora and love how the colours light up the dark. We visited my grandparents’ grave in little Söderhamn and planted a couple of purple heathers and lit a candle. I appreciate this regular ritual. It feels good. After visiting the graveyard, we lunched at our favourite cafe that we always return to. Its fifties’ interiors and history of several decades keeps us returning.

Time could pause for a while – it races by too quickly. I want to seize the day, keep it in my fist and release it slowly. Can I?


Time has been spinning in ultra rapid mode. I honestly feel I am stuck in a wheel that is taking me from Monday to Tuesday, to Wednesday, to the weekend and so on and so forth. Not that I am not happy with my life, but I really feel that for my routines to be optimised, I need to become good at efficiently breaking them.

Last weekend, already, I had a bunch of lovely people coming over for my birthday. I threw an invitation out and 6 people decided to fly in. Imagine how blessed I felt. The preparations of course did inflict a certain amount of stress as I do take the hostess business quite seriously. But when we finally all gathered at the same place, it was pure enjoyment.

flower-bath_feb-2017 quince-marmelade_feb-2017 sourdough-bread_feb-2017

On Saturday I even enjoyed my birthday breakfast in solitude after a session of yoga and general housekeeping.


We did simple things like eating birthday cake, going for dinner and drinks, enjoying a Sunday brunch, going for coffee…





My guests got lost taking selfies and froze their backs off making snow-angels.

They ate huge amounts of sushi, infused my apartment with loads of positive energy and left with the promise of visiting again.

In the end, Christmas eve was quite a magic day. I woke up in a tidy apartment, practised yoga and had breakfast in my very own kitchen.


I walked to the city center and a bit past 9 o’clock I arrived at the same place as last year, a community center where I volunteered as a kitchen aid for a Christmas luncheon organised for those who are alone, or do not have the means and energy to celebrate in another way. Just like last year it felt really meaningful and important.

uppsala-1-dec-2016-1 uppsala-1-dec-2016-2 uppsala-1-dec-2016-3

And then days have just gone by, one after the other. I had some ambitious projects with long lists of things to do. Getting organised, going out for coffee, taking long walks, practicing yoga, entertaining….

buckwheat-avocado-toast-starter_dec-2016 table-set_dec-2016

I think that tiredness caught up with me and I have been a bit jet-lagged. Waking up at odd hours, not managing to quite adjust to the bohemian spirit of the days.



I have managed to finish some projects though. I have sewn curtains for the living room and bed-room and a long projected pillow case. I have framed posters ordered online. I have cooked a lot of vegetarian food and have had lovely people over for dinner. I have washed stash after stash of dishes, walked a lot and practiced yoga almost every day.

So what’s the status on this last day of the year at 14:06 pm? The overall mood is good, it is an extremely grey day and I am getting ready to walk to the centre to run some errands and then relax ( see collapse) with my favourite family unit.  Once I get out of the door, after a quite active morning, I will take the day off and savour the last hours of 2016. Everything looks neat and tidy and now I am ready to chillax.

Until 2017 dearest readership….



A weekend. Two hours of train-ride and a new place to discover.

svartan_orebro_rsz_sep_2016 orebro_rsz_sep_2016
Train-trips and small getaways to new or known places is on my agenda this winter/fall.
The first destination was Örebro – a vibrant one-hundred thousand people town. It really felt much bigger than I had expected. Interesting architecture, a big centre with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants.
way-to-wadkoping_2_rsz_sep_2016 way-to-wadkoping_1_rsz_sep_2016
We had  a really nice dinner on Friday night and walked around in the rain with a borrowed umbrella.
I started Saturday with a jog, followed by hotel breakfast, shopping and a guided tour of the Örebro castle.

In the early afternoon we walked along the river to Wadköping, an outdoor museum area representing five hundred years of urban history.
way-to-wadkoping_3_rsz_sep_2016 wadkoping_orebro_rsz_sep_2016 wadkoping_2_orebro_rsz_sep_2016
The visit was short but sweet with beautiful weather, company and sceneries. Not to mention the nice dinners, drinks and lunch at Kungsgatan 1, Chandani, Paolo’s, The Bishop’s Arms and Vasa konditoriet.
I am already looking forward to the next trip…

I could not be on Mykonos and not visit the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The island of Delos became the safe haven for Leto to give birth to the offspring of Zeus and protected her from the wrath of Hera, Zeus’ official wife.

So says the myth, and I guess that was how the Apollonian cult on this 5 square km island, just off the shore of Mykonos.

I booked a package, a bit on the expensive side, but after visiting Pompeii on my own devices, I have concluded that it is really worth experiencing historical places through the narrative of a guide.

Many were the impressive facts, but I was mostly fascinated by the idea that Delos must have been in the Roman times what Mykonos is now. A pole of attraction for the affluent, a cosmopolitan, multicultural and…barren piece of land.

Delos was the home of 30,000 people before its decline. Compare that to the 10,000 inhabitants of modern 105,000 sq. km Mykonos and you will get my point.

Summer is here. With some moments of doubt, but maybe this is as good as it will get and to me this is good enough. I am bracing myself for the 40 something degrees of hot Greek summer next week.

Lennakatten_25062016 2JPG


ticket to ride_25062016JPG

Swedish summer may be volatile, but not easily tradeable. It is special in so many ways.


I am going to part from it for three weeks, but I am sure that our reunion will be sweet.




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