Being here, being there…

Every place has its own distinct energy.

Downtown Stockholm

That’s what I realise every time I travel. The time before departing is a blurr of points on to-do lists, but once on the go, the head clears. When at the final destination, things shift.

The iconic White Tower of Thessaloniki

Something happens when you are removed from a context and placed between brackets in a different setting…

Sunset view from Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki

Nea Paralia, Thessaloniki, for a late afternoon walk with my bestie

Salaries are nut low, prices are high…

My recent sojourn in Greece unfolded like the petals of a budding rose, leaving me an after-taste of harmony and warmth.

My flying yoga carpet…

A fresh salad each

I caught myself living almost exclusively in the present tense and enjoying practically every single moment…

Litohoron, Pieria

The Saturday market in our old hoods, is still going strong

That does not mean I was cut off from reality, but for a bit less than three weeks I was on the receiving end of a friendly wave of energy that gently washed over me, from top to toe.
At the bottom line I have a surplus of precious impressions to hold on to and to share…The interaction of family and friends with culture and beautiful nature produced something really memorable; my mental pantry has been replenished for the coming winter.

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