Epiphany. A day of revelations.

The first thing I realised today was that one pair of woolen socks does not suffice  when the temperature drops down to -15 degrees Celsius. This was made quite clear on my 40-min walk from the central station to the yoga studio this morning to attend a workshop.

I passed by a Roma woman who was sitting on the snow, her legs covered with a layer of plastic for some well-needed insulation. As my toes were going numb, my heart went out to her. If begging for alms seated on a thick layer of ice is considered an option, there can’t be that many good alternatives to fall back on.

My toes eventually thawed and the yoga session felt great; on the train back home, I  was watching the white landscape unfold before my eyes and felt uplifted and content; not much beats a post-yoga train-ride through a crisp winter scenery. I was sipping on my tea, reveling at the experience, there and then.


I got home in the early afternoon and started cooking for five grown-ups and a baby girl. As usual, my niece took my apartment by storm. A little hurricane of joy and toddler energy, she tirelessly entertained us and herself for several hours.

We finally managed to have the dinner we had had to postpone due to sickness  and my guests all seemed happy with the meal. My youngest invitee asked for a second and third serving of desert and drank red tea out of a big cup.

Speaking of epiphanies, she sure is one. It is quite amazing to watch her learn and grow into a little person with whom you can converse.

Her vocabulary grows by the day with new verbs, substantives, adjectives and mini phrases constantly surfacing. Call, clean, wave, sleep, bang, clap, cheer, shower, jump, sit, thank you, eye, mouth, nose, ear, belly, hair, doll, ball, chair, teddy-bear, (pony)tail, bangle, ear-ring, watch, flower, lamp, cheese, egg, sausage, ice-cream, water, milk, pain, desert, all kinds of animals and animal sounds – the list is long…

Her eighteen-month big hug is the sweetest of all things sweet. She points her finger and touches my eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair as she verbalises what she sees. She plays with my ponytail and laughs. She plays hide and seek. She feeds her stuffed animals. She makes them read books, puts them to sleep, tucks them in. She climbs up and down my armchairs and sofa and makes herself comfortable on my pillows.

Children really do remind us of the essence of life and that’s a cliche worth saying aloud, because it’s true. Quantum leaps, time capsules and baby nieces. The Universe moves in mysterious ways and winks at us as it manifests through the seemingly mundane.

And now, the weekend…


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