Micromanaging a birthday

A good thing about getting older is knowing what you want. Likes tend to crystalise and become tangible.

As my birthday was coming up, I started thinking of how I wanted to spend the day. I knew I did not want anything big, but I do like marking occasions. The elements that make my birthday my kind of day are of course very subjective and personal, you’d have to be in my head to know. This year’s anniversary was overall a fine-tuned affair and I am sharing some glimpses with you…

Birthday breakfast:

How you kick off your (birth)day is important. My requisites are hot chocolate, bread and orange marmelade. So, after a morning session of yoga, I had a wonderful, vegan, glutenfree and sugarfree variation of all of the above. Check.



I have a penchant for fresias that I associate with early spring and this favourite month of mine.  If you think I sound unflexible, read this: I compromised with tulips, because they are easier to get hold of, and because they happened to be on discount. A totally OK flower choice. Check.


Tender Love & Care:

After my homemade power breakfast I went down-town – sounds more exciting than it actually is- and dived into the swimming pool. Gee, it felt good to be back in the water! The first two lengths I was gasping for breath, but then my body remembered. I had rythm, I had flow and as I had forgotten to bring my earplugs, I also got a thourough washing of my ears. After  a session in the sauna, which I think is one of humanity’s greatest inventions, I went to the hairdresser’s. I came out renewed and if not completely happy at least quite content. Check.


Spending time with people I really like is always on top of my list of priorities. Living far away from most of my close friends is not ideal, but the incoming wishes and video calls were truly heart-warming. As for the  company on place, I can really not complain. I had a big lunch salad with my favourite gang. In the background my niece was practicing her bababas and dadadas. Next year she will be singing for me.


Contemplation time:

After lunch, I invited myself for a decaf in the company of a book. I got entangled in the philosophy of yoga, all while taking in the impressions around me. Relaxing and letting my mind wander. As I sat there, I just realised how my body was working like a clockwork, a seemless integration of all bodily functions. I made a note to self never to underestimate. Check.

Birthday cake & co:

Last but not least, cake, candles and playful colour schemes. Dark pinks, orange, turquoise and yellow. Think carneval. I made banana pancakes, stacked them a bit clumsily – was a bit tired by then – and decorated them with candles that actually helped keeping the tilting tower together. After a certain age there is not enough cake for all the candles and anyway, there is a reason for which candles are sold in packs of 12 or 24, so why fret?





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