Once returned to your starting point after time spent traveling to foreign, or familiar places, you may feel as if the travel has never taken place. Just like that and you’re back to your everyday life, routines and mundane chores.

But the ethereal gift of traveling materialises slowly: it comes to you when nostalgia over times spent on the road  washes over you; when a random stimulus awakens the reminiscence of moments spent savouring the unknown; or when looking  forward to visiting an old or new place makes you brim with anticipation.

In my rosary of places treasured, there is a knot for Crete: I am eager to return to the island, as if lured by a promise unfulfilled.


I have this image – I am sitting at a specific restaurant located on a backstreet of the old harbour of Chania. I can see the sea promenade at distance. It is slightly off season, and the atmosphere is not upbeat, but rather mellow and relaxed. I lean back on my chair, letting my gaze wonder…

Right now, this is what I’ve got – a mental projection, a postcard on the fridge door and in my hand a cool slice of melon, which quite accurately sounds like the Greek word for future.

The beauty of traveling in a melon pit.


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