Monumental Love

Who can question the beauty of the (Mum)Taj Mahal, the crown of palaces, built in the memory of Shah Jahan‘s wife, Arjumand Banu Begum?

img_3397I will definitively not be the one to do so. Seeing the Taj in the sunrise, before the heat of the day and the hordes of tourists take over, is not an ordinary experience.


I do not by any means want to belittle the magnificence of this gem of Mughal architecture that took more than twenty years and thousands of workers, artisans and craftsmen to build.

Nor do I doubt the love of the Shah for his Mumtaz who perished at the age of 38, while giving birth for the fourteenth time.

img_3428I must confess though, that the reason for which it was built does not impress me much, to quote Shania Twain. This bombastic token of love, is not my cup of chai.

The fact that the king was sequestrated by his own son – and son of Banu Begum – may not tarnish the whiteness of the shining marble, or the beauty of the walls inlaid with semi-precious stones, but it does cast a shadow of sadness over the opulent magnificence of the Taj and its surrounding gardens and satellite buildings.

img_3434Real love does defy time, whether it is monumental or not.

Every love relationship has its own undecipherable language and codes. The feelings that flourish between lovers are the subject of myth and urban legends. They are as impenetrable as a tomb made of solid marble, destined to stay the eternal secret  shared by two loving souls.

It is beyond doubt that love can sweep you off your feet, whether you are a sandwich maker at Subway or  the King of Jordan.


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