Red belt kick-ass maiden

In the North, the days around the winter solstice, when the night blatantly trespasses on the domains of the day, taking over the skies, are indeed  a bit  unpredictable…

Late sunrises, early sunsets. The sun is only a pale shadow of itself. Before you know it,  the moon appears in a shroud of clouds…


People in the old days sensed that something was not totally kosher about this time of the year. The night of December thirteen was believed to be the darkest night of the year, during which supernatural things could happen. Animals were said to be able to speak with human tongue and evil spirits to roam around causing trouble. Hence, by December thirteen, all Christmas preparations had to be ready – a deadline as rigid as a broom shaft.


In an attempt to master their fear by means of playfulness, people dressed up, sung songs and put on feasts for the sake of some exuberance before the two weeks of fast leading up to Christmas.

In much later times, along came a saint from Sicily, Lucia, sporting a crown of candles on her head and the Swedes were swept off their feet by this attractive bearer of light. The night of the thirteenth would never be as dark again…


Nowadays animals keep their mastery of Swedish a secret and  deadlines related to Christmas celebrations are much more forgiving.

However, it may still be that mischievous spirits run around these latitudes, causing annoyance and  disturbance just in time for the year’s closure.


But do not worry. The transition point towards more light is just around the corner.  And if somebody is making your life difficult, do not distrust. Help is on your way. Clad in a white gown. A red belt around her waist. A kick-ass maiden.


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