Stop over at Chania. The city centre and the old town feel familiar by now. I am so confident that I will find my way to my hotel from the coach terminal just by  means of asking. I know it’s very centrally located by the water front. I should of course have taken into account that locals rarely retain street names. It’s a universal truth.

I end up walking to the complete opposite direction and when I ask for new instructions, a good Samaritan offers me and my luggage a ride. He balances my cabin bag on the steering-wheel of his old rusty motorbike and off we cruise along the old harbour, zigzagging through crowds of tourists…

RetroWhen I check in at Argo Beach,  I realise I’m in the same room as when I arrived on Crete a few weeks ago. A perfect circle. The room is as blue and cosy as I left it and next time I will most surely know my way here.

room 21This is my goodbye to the island for now.

I have some precious hours to dispose of. First, I run some errands and when I stop by at the nearby copy-shop I get my boarding card printed out for free.

I walk around quiet streets where the past fuses into the present and have late lunch at to Stachi, a laid-back restaurant serving traditional, organic and vegan dishes.

past presentThe food is tasty and fresh and you can sense that everything is prepared with consciousness and good intention – the extract of my past three weeks on Crete.

The owner’s gentle and caring approach adds to the culinary experience and creates a home-like atmosphere.

stachiThe highlight of my last day on Crete though, is when I meet up with my friends from last year’s Samaria gorge trek. One year later, I am invited over for coffee at their village. Amidst a busy schedule common to rural daily life, they welcome me to their home. The coffee is of course a pretext for dinner and animated discussions underneath the grapevine.

honeyServing-plates are full to the brim and so is everybody’s heart.

The ancient tradition of hospitality is alive and kicking, ready to prove it is one of the best surviving inventions of mankind.

So long Crete.

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  1. aninsightfulnut said:

    I love your life

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