Having a sister is having someone who can go back in time and tell your story. The parts of it that are unknown to other people.

She will be your biggest fan and you will  be her role model. Then she will claim her right to her own personality and unmask your shortcomings. She will make you a more mature person and you will come to admire her more and more, because life is not a line, rather a loop of redemption.

You will be like cats and dogs at times, but always stick up for each other. You will compete for others’ attention until you realise that it is your own attention and confirmation that you are seeking. Later on in life, you will realise that there is nothing as special and as tricky as a sister’s friendship.

The biggest lesson she can teach you  is that superficial differences of character are not that important; what binds you to people is the affinity of shared principles and interests. When you realise that your way is not the only right one, a bigger world opens before you. A more difficult one maybe, because you have to confront your ego, and learn  to act with a certain humility. You do not have to fear though, because your sister will be your true mirror and guide you on the way.

SistersTogether you can recollect common episodes from the past and laugh at the same anecdotes. You can share the concern for someone you both love, support each other in difficult moments and share the joy of personal progress.

Regardless of age, you will still once in a while drive each other nuts. What I am learning every time is that it is better to let go. No reason to fuss over superficial sources of irritation. The value of a relationship is measured in the extent in which it makes you think differently, develop and, in the end,  feel more confident in your self and in your choices.

Being a sister to a sister is like an ongoing course in personal development if you play your cards well.

A spring day in late March,  my sister came into my life and I do not remember how it was without her.  She is so close to me, and yet uniquely different, a person in her own right. Our paths cross, and we get to walk parts of this road together.

Today, on her special day, I will be able to give her a  big hug. My love for her  is  not a secret, nor a subject for the headlines – it is a fact and it is there. A silent, steady, sisterly flame.

  1. ioakeim said:

    beautiful feelings are beautifully written 🙂

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