Frozen Sunday Early Monday

Sunday was a cold day. Crisp like a bag of  frozen vegetables. The sun’s charming smile lured us out on a looong walk. The pleasure of moving.

walkI wore my new blue rubber boots and stepped on thin layers of cracking ice and walked in puddles of water.   Rubber boots are a great invention.

frozenΙn the evening we hosted a little dinner party with soup and waffles.

veggie paletteWe joined waffle irons and to our amusement we discovered that we had reunited Melissa Black and Melissa White in a yin and yan harmony of runny dough.

Melissa Yin and Melissa YanblueberrybananawaffleYes, the day was nice. Sometime during what felt like the middle of the night, our upstairs neighbours started partying. Listening to loud music and jumping up and down. Pressing the repeat button. Jumping up and down to the same song. I had fantasies of turning into the psycho neighbour, but did not have the courage to move out of bed. Sometimes the spirit is willing, while  the body is weak.

Then, I got up at 6:40 on Monday morning and felt totally awake and rested. Waking up early is not a novelty. I usually wake up around five o’ clock and stay in bed until at least 6:30, usually lacking mental presence before that.

IMG_0484beansandavocadoIt is barely 10 o’clock and I have already been busy for three hours. Maybe some bad pop music in the late night IS the trick and I should be grateful to my unconscientious neighbours.

By the way, if you ever want to make great  waffles that happen to also be glutenfree, mix 3 dl of maizena with 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of baking powder. Add 3 dl of milk, or experiment with a dairy alternative. Add 3 tbs of oil and two eggs. Bake and most importantly, enjoy!


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