Fab Feb

I love February. I always have….

It is my birth month, I confess, but I cannot help but to like this short month, bringing together several occasions to celebrate the good things in life.

The beginning of lent, marked by Mardi Gras and mouthfuls of creamy, almondy Swedish semlor…

IMG_0364…or by Greek Ash Monday, observed with handmade kites and fast-food, including sweet sesame halva, salty olives, pickles and freshly baked  flatbread.

IMG_0425Shear white and pink flowers appearing on delicate crimson  almond tree branches.

St Valentine’s as a good excuse to bite into heart-shaped chocolate on a coffee-break with colleagues or tell your friends how much you love them.

Carnival complete with thin masquerade costumes that can’t protect you from the cold, nor from curious looks.  Loud music and massive amounts of confetti and serpentines.

Then, as the month draws to an end, after a series of  friends’ birthdays, it is my turn to blow out candles and get a fragrant bouquet of freesias.


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