Dear Olivia,

I want to get physical… Not exactly in the way your song suggests, rather in the purely athletic sense.

Remember the  big guys in your video? The ones that you were trying so hard to reform into sporty animals?

Sometimes I feel that my brain is just as resistent as those obese fellows.

I sympathise with them and with you, because I want to get physical too and shake off more than a decade of sedentary work that has encrusted my body.

But you know Olivia, it is not always that easy….

First of all you have to work out your mind that is  trying to trick you into believing that there is always a better time to exercise, or that conditions are not perfect.

Olivia, in the past months  I have fought chaotic traffic and oppressive Indian heat in my endeavour to be physically active.

I combined long walks with yoga and dance. Once I migrated to the friendlier Japanese climate I started taking morning walks and runs.

Now I am back in Europe and I am jogging, cycling, walking, practicing yoga.

But Olivia, when does it become easy?

When is the mind as flexible as you look in your tight leotards? When does the body become as bendy?

Is there this moment of gratification that will arrive if I just keep on trying?

I hope discipline will dissolve into pure spontaneity and joy.  Will it?

I am thinking that the  next step could be to set up some personal milestones to monitor  my personal progress.

I am regular Olivia and very happy about that. I am my very own Olivia you could say

You’re right to think that I  still need to work a little bit on  my priorities. At the same time, somehow  am already where I am suppose to be.

I hope one day it will feel as easy as you make it look.

In the meantime,  maybe I should get a leotard like yours. Maybe.

Yours truly,


  1. Butler said:

    what does lika gärna mean anyway and who is Olivia to push you to move?

    • Olivia is Olivia Newton-John, maybe you remember her from Grease?

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