The sun pulled me out of bed a little bit after 04 am. I sat up and admired the brightness.

I cannot get over this magnificent play of lights. The vivid bronze nuances of the early day and the flamingo pink and baby-blue hues colouring the evening skies.

I had to go out on the balcony and watch the colours of the sunrise bleed on the row of trees stretching out along the highway…

The Swedish summer is like an artichoke – it takes some effort to get to the heart of it.

But then, sometimes with no warning, comes one of those days that could be pasted into my anthology of Things of Beauty: the greens and the blues in perfect harmony. The temperature exemplary. The heavens laced by a decorum of fluffy clouds.

A day to savour like the fior di latte ice-cream shared  in a gelateria of Söder, one of the islets of Stockholm city.

A day to graze on grass so green, it almost squeeks under your feet. Laying  down on a  blanket in the semi-shade of an apple-tree feeling lawnly and enveloped in sun-beams.

When I was traveling in the subcontinent, I would get flash-backs to my childhood nordic summers. It could be the warm stones on a paved temple court, a luscious landscape or a smell. Reminiscences triggered by a place so remote and different.

In the punishing heat I would feel nostalgy for the subtle al dente temperatures and the gentleness of the booming nature I had gotten to know as I child.

I  was thinking  to myself that if something as beautiful as this exists in the world, and it is still in my reach, why  on earth wouldn’t I make sure to experience it ?

Several months later, here I am.

I do not want to be accused of misleading advertisement. Summer in these coordinates are probably not  suited for  those looking for instant satisfaction.

But then again, who wants instant when you can get wholesome?

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