Food diary

I am a lacto-ovo-pesceterian who shuns gluten. I relish vegetables and legumes of all kinds, pick my cereals, love fruits and nuts.

I like getting ideas from food that I taste, or from recipes that I happen to stumble across or deliberately look up, but I am a big fan of experimentation. Tweaking, inventing and innovating are my favorite kitchen utensils.

I seldom cook traditional, well-defined dishes. Therefore, when people get curious about what I eat, I assume the look of a question mark. My answer is usually a non convincing medley of the words vegetables, stews, pulse, quinoa and rice. Not exactly what would make your mouth start watering.

It is a bit like when you are asked what your favorite song is, and  suddenly  feel like you have never had a musical taste  whatsoever.

To satisfy the curious among you, I have been collecting pictures over a week, documenting breakfasts, dinners and lunches, presented in random order.

Let’s imagine these are pages from the culinary diaries of a person vegeterian at heart.

Morning porridge with strawberries, blackberries and a lot of cardamome.

Vegetable coconut curry with rice noodles, sprinkled with fresh coriander and kinako.

Artichokes in a tomato sauce served with wild rice and green salad, bearing the signatures of my sister and her husband.

Vegetables with poched eggs.

Fruit salad, again, with a generous amount of cardamome. Cardamome goes so well with fruit!

Dal, salad and chickpea flat-bread.

Buckwheat pancakes with whipped cream and fruit.

Sister’s salad with ruccola, kidney beans, avocado, egg, stir fried celery root and sundried tomatoes. Pasta optional…

Freshly baked bread with honey. Fruit salad and ginger-lemon tea.

Several cups of rosehip soup. A vitamin-C bomb that I just love.


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