Future perfect

I am back from the future,  redefining my present in the Swedish summer, exploding with green foliage and chlorophyll-laden herbal carpets.

I am lucky enough to start off in an environment that radiates its solid past – a red wooden house in a farm with a history of eleven consecutive generations. Not a bad place for rolling the time backwards.

It is reasuring to see my aunt using an old recipe for the umpteenth time and managing to produce a delicious coffee-break treat for fifteen persons as if it was a piece of cake. She tends to her sheep, makes  litres of paint to address the fading redness of the farm-house…I cook dinner and just absorb the knowledge she imparts over our long conversations around the table.

In an environment like this, you become aware of the fact that even the future ages. Like the once upon a time  futuristic label on the kitchen fan…

The future is now. That much I have learnt.

If I make the best out of the present, maybe I will have less regrets when the future is perfect.  Therefore, people I love and things I like are on the top of my priority list these days.

And days here and now are long; very long. I wake up to the sun shining in through the shades at four o’ clock in the morning. I find it so beautiful.  This overwhelming presence of light.

Bed time tea while the sky refuses to darken and I have time on my hands. Time to be used well.

  1. stephanne said:

    Thanks for sharing this. Take care and enjoy your long day !! Stephanne

  2. emma said:

    I love the stylish future font on the fan; that kind of decor really intrigues me.

    Eleven generations!! Wow. I can’t even trace my family back more than three or four :/

    • Yes, eleven generations of farmers…The interesting part is that the farm has mostly been in the hands of women, which is also the case today.

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