Sunday morning after a late night out. Felt rested after a mere five and a half hours of sleep.

While the sun was shining and I was sipping on my morning tea, I realised that I had a fridge full of vegetables and a shortish week ahead due to upcoming travel.  A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do, so I just pulled up the sleeves of my tank top and cleaned and reorganised the fridge.


This was the first step to the cooking pandemonium that followed: steamed Brussels sprouts and carrots, stir-fried vegetables, roasted crispy Chinese cabbage, an oven-baked pumpkin and zucchini & fennel soup all lined up in  pots, plates and pans.



After several turns of chopping, washing and drying dishes, everything looked pretty organised and my lunches and dinners catered for. Nothing to waste and nothing to regret. A successful exercise of domestic efficiency and a quite appropriate prelude to The Lunchbox that I watched in the afternoon on the big screen of the city’s smallest movie theatre.

The film left me with that great after-taste of good cinema. Inspired and content I rounded up the day with dinner, a foot bath and candle-light.footbath

It’s already getting late and despite my energy levels being on the high side, I am planning on soon diving under my duvet with a book that -at last!- seems really promising.



The good thing about ‘living out of a suitcase’ is that a suitcase has limited capacity. Right now, my few clothes take up minimal space in a couple of drawers and a rack.

I more and more appreciate rational clothing choices; making sure to invest in things that match and that are of good quality.

I very rarely shop nowadays, but when I do I think a bit extra of colours and  possible combinations. I shun black whenever I can in favour of dark blue. Black feels so dusty and dark. I like the freshness of the blues and the greys and light them up with sparks of colour. Here is where my scarves come particularly handy.  I almost exclusively go for natural materials, unless there is no other choice (see swimsuit).

My sister has introduced me to thrift stores. I like the mix of styles and knowing that I am adding to the value chain rather than to my carbon footprint. Otherwise, if I need something new, I prefer ordering online. Opening a parcel is one of those joys of life.


Style-wise, I cannot get over my fascination with Robin Hood. I would gladly wear different variations of tights and tunics practically all the time. It is no coincidence that a friend of mine used to call me the hero in tights.


If I can resist other types of clothes, I have a weakness for sports apparel.  If I could, I would go berserk with tops, tights and hoodies in beautiful colours and patterns. After all, they go so well with my favourite type of shoes – sneakers and  flip-flops. I do love it when functionality meets beauty.

And this blog is always a source of inspiration on sustainable choices.  Recommended for conscious consumers.

I am very much disconcerted by the things happening in the world these days.

The crimes against humanity taking place don’t leave me indifferent. On the contrary, I feel a huge sense of disappointment when thinking that hundreds of people right now need to defend their homes and flee for their lives…

In this kind of moments, I feel the need to re-articulate the concept of peace.

Re-spell it, re-think it, re-live it.  It is not an empty wish. It is an active pursuit, and a difficult one.


Yesterday’s  Nobel Peace prize was a soothing piece of news. Malala  Yousafzai and Kailash Sathyarti, a Pakistani seventeen year old-girl and an Indian man in his sixties were  jointly awarded the 2014 prize “for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education“. I think that the motivation could not have been better.

I read Malala’s biography this summer; for being such a young person,  I must say that Malala is a great example of civil courage. Not many grown ups can say that they have stood up for their rights in such a brave way.   The right to childhood and education is  extremely precious and not to be taken for granted after all.


I am sitting on the floor. The day is shyly starting out in grey colours, but it is nothing that can’t be remedied with a spark of peaceful stillness. This is where I am at these days. In between the big world and the little world…

The big world shakes us and unites us at the same time. It is up to us to infuse our little worlds with anything we find meaningful and positive. Every drop of happiness and joy counts and makes the world a better place, smile by smile, laughter by laughter, dimple by dimple. Because despite all the tension and negativity, I believe that there is something powerful and new stirring beneath the surface. Something benevolent and uniting.



Drinking my morning tea is one of the best moments of the day.

Enough that I am a great lover of mornings;  I imbibe the stillness around me together with sip after sip of hot tea, holding on to the feeling of peace, not wanting it to get diluted as the morning surrenders.

Climate march, 22 September 2014…A unifying cause that should make each and every one of us go out on the streets and show that we care.

However, the question remains. Why do we need to go on marches to defend what is obvious, namely the right to a world were private interests are not short-sighted and detrimental to society as a whole?




I get particularly annoyed with things like: plastic packaging that calls itself recyclable but which cannot be recycled were you live because of missing infrastructure. Yet it can make its way around the internal EU market with its little misleading bent arrow-logo, no problem, no frontiers, no hassle. Another great example are all the products, from food to clothes, that are full to the brim with unsolicited  and oftentimes dangerous chemicals, made with TLC for shiny happy people with first world problems. Not to mention all the plastic bags used to carry all the stuff we waste our money on.

The truth is that I don’t want to make approximate, almost good choices, limited by my means, my access to information, and what is on offer.

I want industry and policy makers to once and for all take their responsibility and make sure not to inundate the market with inappropriate merchandise and services, that’s what I want. Because for every relatively informed consumer there must be hordes of people who still live in the Dark Ages of consumerism  and that will not make it to the Renaissance unless something drastic happens.

I want quality and reason in an Εnlightened consumer society may be, but  that is made up of citizens.







“interchange or sharing of thoughts or emotions; intimate communication”

What’s life without communion? What’s life without community, the lovely human fauna that surrounds you and includes you?

We had a lovely time over supper this weekend. We ate soup that we composed ourselves. We speculated, joked, laughed and were happy. Spirits were high, but the bubbles in our glasses were totally innocuous. We did not need alcohol, nor placebo effects.

We’ve got Communion.


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